CFZO Power hour 0-5min: easy warm-up with coach 5-15min: 10min AMRAP 10 DB floor press 20cal machine 15-20min: FULL REST 20-30min: 10min AMRAP 10 double DB push press 20m DB walking lunges 30-35min: FULL REST 35-45min: 10min AMRAP 10 (c2b) pullups 20 alternating pistols

Skill 5min practice Kipping T2b 4 sets: 20 hollow rocks, 5-10 T2B, 1:00 rest WOD 12:00 AMRAP – you go I go-Style: 2 devil presses 4 T2B 8 box jump overs Eine komplette Runde, dann wechseln – JEDER in seiner ZONE

Skill Snatch complex 7 sets Snatch high pull + hang power snatch + OHS Find a heavy for the day WOD 5 rounds (TC: 16min) 5 strict C2B pullups / Pullups 10 hang power snatches 35/25kg 15 OHS

Skill 10min Practice 1. Handstand Stand (from Box – Kick Up) 2. Handstand Stand (free) 3. HSPU from Box / free WOD 9min AMRAP 3 HSPU (strict from BOX Knie/Füsse) 3 deck squats 6 … 6 …

Skill Front Squat in a 10min timeframe Work up to a heavy set of 4 from the ground WOD 10min AMRAP 10 Front Racked Lunges @50% of FRONT 10 Box Jumps 20 KB Swings (24/16)

WILLKOMMEN ZURÜCK! WIR FREUEN UNS! Skill Hang power clean every 1:30 for 9:00 work up to a heavy triple, start at 50% of 1RM WOD 7 rounds (TC: 18min) 7 hang power cleans (50/35kg) 7 bar facing burpees 21 DU / 42 SU

Today Hafthor Bjornson is attempting World Record Deadlift 500+ KG! Warmup Jogg/Walk 15min WOD Run 5k (if you have the energy – FOR TIME!) Cooldown Jogg/Walk 15min

Enjoy Todays Rest Day! =)

Live WOD 19:00 Uhr Zoom-Meeting beitreten https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82815313037 Meeting-ID: 828 1531 3037 Warm Up 100 Jumping Jacks 2×10 pro Bein SL DL mit Petflasche (Video) 2min Squat Hold in the Whole WOD 3 rounds 1min Work – 30 Sec rest Push Ups Thrusters mit DB (oder PET Flaschen was auch immer ihr habt) Bent Over Rows…

Warm Up 15′ easy jogging draussen renne zu einem Ort, wo es flach ist und ca. 100m lang Skill 5 x 100m Sprints ALL OUT – 2min Pause zwischen den Sets Danach easy jogging nach Hause für das Workout WOD Split as you like 60 Side Plank Hip Raise (Video) – each side 100 Back…

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