Warm Up
10min Joggen – z.B. zum Schulhaus in deiner Nähe
40 Lunges
20 quadruped reach throughs @ slow pace pro Seite
15 Glute Bridge, dann je 10 Single Leg
15 Side Raises pro Seite or 15 side plank march
20x active/passive hang von Pull Up Stange
20 Kipp Swings


Practice Pull Ups and Toes to bar for 6-7 min
include strict movements


Find a Pull Up Bar –> Schulhaus?

for time
15/12/9 reps of
200m sprint

rest 3:00

for time
12/9/6 reps of
pull ups
box jumps / Bänkli jumps / High Squat jumps
200m Sprint

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